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We went to Barcelona to prepare and launch the book “Del Agua” at #Museo Agbar, where my work in large prints would be displayed in the gallery, paired to Chilean poet Gonzalo Rojas poetry. After the exhibit launch, I wanted to take my wife to #Montseny, where a few years ago I had taken photographs with my friend Felipe, where I discovered an old niche monastery that was refurbished to modern standards while retaining the original structure. 
After a long internet search, managed to book a room and drove from #Barcelona. Once at the park and close to the hotel, we passed through a small #creek. It was April, and all the fallen #leaves that survived the winter #snow had an intense light brown #color. The #water was crystal clear as it happened on the previous occasion. I was using a #Sony Aplha 7 that the local office of Sony had kindly borrowed me for this trip.

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