Micro Ice light coloring

Micro Ice light coloring

Early July I published the Black & White version the garden micro ice light coloring images on the house entrance flowers

The previous weekend it rained so we had a lot of humidity in the country zone. Early while having breakfast, I noticed that the grass lawn was white. I knew that most of the flowers would have micro droplets of the dew frozen by the below zero temperature.

The house entrance is facing South where we have many flowers, so the winter Sun does not appear until mid-morning.

This enabled me to have enough light without dark shades, in addition the micro ice would maintain its frozen condition.

I was using extension rings, that give you a very small depth of field.

There was slight breeze so I could only take one image at the time and could not do Focus Staking to solve the depth of field.

However I did try to use the Pixel Shift option of the camera which allows to obtain images with 240 megapixels, but the breeze did affect. The software that merges the 16 images, did notice the micro movement and the resulting image was not of my satisfaction.

These are color images of our garden micro ice light coloring.

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