The recovered Haverbeck Islet

The recovered Haverbeck Islet

Having lockdown restrictions lifted, last week I traveled to Valdivia, where the recovered Haverbeck Islet is located.

I had difficulty finding a lodging availability, as many people had the same idea taking some time off. After an intense internet search, I found the Naguilán Hotel with a curious construction design that captured my attention.

Hotel Naguilán – Valdivia – Chile

Their webpage mentioned that they refurbished the old shipping company headquarters. The hotel built its main areas by mirror duplicating the original design of the old headquarters.

Checking Google, I found it was adjacent to the Valdivia River and in front of an islet. Called the hotel asking for a higher floor with a river view; which they did, assigning a room with a balcony.

Staying for a week, I had the opportunity to photograph the islet at different times and light conditions, sharing some images in this post.

Reading Valdivia history, I discovered that the islet was the shipyard of the Haverbeck Skalweit shipping company.

It was May 22nd, 1960, on a Sunday afternoon one of the greatest earthquakes and tsunami destructed Valdivia. Therefore, the telluric force unleveled the land by 209 centimeters (82.3 inches), flooding all surrounding islands.  

The city of Valdivia is at sea level, so the Islet disappeared under water for 36 years. Only in 1996 when a subsidiarity of the Haverbeck company reconstructed the islet by dredging the river, recovering 20 hectares (49 acres) of land.

Mother Nature made miracles, which recovered the splendor that the Haverbeck Islet had before the earthquake.

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