Desert and clouds at Atacama

Desert and clouds at Atacama

Following with last week post on San Pedro de Atacama here are additional images of desert and clouds.

While planning this trip, a friend told me that I should rent a 4×4 vehicle, however they were all unavailable.

He also recommended to look for a high location to watch the sunset. 

Using Google Earth and Apple Maps, found that the best location was Mirador de Kari – Piedra del Coyote. This vantage point overlooked the Valley of the Moon; however, it was closed due to Covid-19.

Asked at Local Guides if someone knew of a location with a vantage point but did not get any indication.

On our way to the hotel, I saw an alternative location, that could work, the Mirador Likan-Antay. We drove near sunset time, but when we arrived, many people had thought the same as me. 

Started looking for different points of view, you could see a section of the Valley of the Moon. But they we were on the wrong side as the images would come out back lighted. Panning my camera around, settled for distant clouds forming over the Tebenquiche Lagoon that we visited earlier that afternoon. 

From time to time I would swing the camera towards the rock formation that were backlight with many expectant visitors.

The distant clouds started turning pink, but the view was not what I was expecting, in addition it had haze. Suddenly a few small clouds formed at a closer distance and with a curious design, which I share here.

Should note that I was testing a new expensive Polarizer filter that had purchased from a very reputable store. It was only that night when I transferred the images to my laptop, that found the flaws of the glass.

After discussing with the manufacturer that found out that it was a forged version. Fortunately, Adobe Photoshop was able to correct the unwanted darker shades that ruined the images.

All in all, I was able to register the desert and clouds at San Pedro de Atacama.

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