Unexpected scenery of Atacama

Unexpected scenery of Atacama

Publishing images of my last week trip to San Pedro de Atacama where I encountered unexpected views and  scenery.

Most images I take are devoted to Water in all its forms,  so omitted visiting the desertic part of Chile. A decade ago, Roberto Edwards a renowned photographer in who’s shop we prepared the book “Del Agua” with Chilean poet Gonzalo Rojas, he recommended to visit Tatio geysers.

My wife wanted to visit this zone, so for her birthday we organized a trip to a wonderful resort. Had to balance time and places she would like to visit; with the ones I would go to portray water.

After arriving to Calama city, started our journey on the rented car, crossing the windmill and photovoltaic farms. Most of the road was a straight line towards the “Llano de la paciencia” (Plain of patience).

Close San Pedro de Atacama you start seeing curious rock formations, and due to high altitude clear sky. At a distance you could see the Licancabur  volcano on the border with Bolivia, however there was some haze. 

The following day after an excellent breakfast we took the road towards the volcano. The road started at 2470 meters arriving close to the volcano at an altitude of 4730 meters. The air was very cold, and you could see distant mountains with no haze. Clouds were crisp, colors saturated, and pointed my camera towards Bolivia where the Laguna Verde and Laguna Blanca are located.

Images came faithfully to what I saw, I like both color and B&W. I was really impressed with the unexpected scenery I found at San Pedro de Atacama.

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