Magic at the Nayara hotel

Magic at the Nayara hotel

On our trip to the desert, we enjoyed the magic at the Nayara hotel adjacent to the San Pedro riverbed.

The hotel

In fact, the hotel is called Nayara Alto Atacama, and is a luxury resort with excellent installations that we enjoyed. 

Although it is adjacent to the riverbed, the higher level, protects it against flooding. However, after seeing this desertic view, you can’t imagine having a flood, but the water scars left are true register.

The surroundings

End of day light paints the surrounding mountains with a strong yellow and orange cast, contrasting the deep blue sky. Although it is mid altitude 2460 mt (8071 feet), the clear air enables images to be crisp in detail.

While my wife was enjoying the hot pools, I went around the hotel to find where the observatory was located. I discovered an interesting rock formation that I share. 

Returning to the hotel I was amazed to find the setup of Aguayos that I share with you. These Aguayos are a rectangular piece of cloth, that folded in a triangle, the Aymara people carry their babies. Guess the artist was representing  the bond that mother and child have with the Aguayos,  in this case with nature.

Few minutes later as sunset happened it painted the water of a lagoon in the center of the resort.

For moonless nights this observatory is a place to enjoy seeing stars resting on flat couch. I had full moon, but it would not appear until 10 PM, so tried to capture the milky way.

Although I had a sturdy tripod, that night there was a strong wind, that ruined the image. Only one image came out reasonably well, but if you enlarge it, you clearly see the wind vibration effect.

The Nayara hotel and its magic at San Pedro riverbed is a must visit.

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