Closeup without a macro lens

Closeup without a macro lens

Some oldies, they are closeup images without a macro lens.

Fundo la Cascada

We were on holidays, and as usual I left a day to do my photography. I went to a place near Lake Ranco, called Fundo la Cascada (upstream from the Caunahue river). I heard there was a waterfall. My friend Diego came along; he patiently waited at each stop while I took the photographs. We were driving towards the waterfall when I saw the water drops on the trees and immediately stop. We rushed to take pictures, before the wind would blow them.


We went on a picnic with a group of friends to a farmland near Tupungato, Argentina that was snow covered. On our way back, I saw these icicles on an old house. I stayed quite a long time taking photographs, meanwhile, my family and friends were waiting down the road. They were quite annoyed as it was teatime, and the landowners were waiting for us to arrive. While preparing this image, I discovered that my shadow was also captured.


It was a Saturday, I was flying to Barcelona, and from the altitude I could only see clouds, and the weather report said: Rain… 

Was going to meet a photographer friend Felipe, who I had not seen for many years since he left Bolivia. He was the person that convinced me to enter the medium format cameras. I had called him a couple of days earlier to organize a trip where I could take photographs of Water.

Although I was discouraged by the bad weather, I prepared myself to visit new places. Always rain brings interesting outcomes, during and afterwards.

We took a rented car towards the north of Barcelona. We stopped at a small town Cardedeu, so looked for a place to lodge and have dinner. It was still raining and difficult to find both places. However it was very difficult to find a place to satisfy, at the same time: vegetarian and carnivores like me. 

Sunday came along; the clouds had made us the honor to disappear, so we had good sun light. We rushed up the mountain to the Montseny park and by 8AM we started taking photographs. Half an hour later most of the hikers that climbed the Montseny arrived. They watched with curiosity these two photographers with large cameras that were taking photographs of tree branches. From the distance you saw white painted trees contrasted with blue sky. The rain of the previous night had frozen and made spectacular forms, I named them Montseny in Blue and white. The image in the center shows the effect, and is one of the many photographs I took with film. At  midday, the sun melted all the ice, and the white beauty disappeared. The closeup images came out quite good, even I did not have a macro lens.

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