Parque Amboró waterfall

Parque Amboró waterfall

These are images of a waterfall at Parque Amboró at Santa Cruz, Bolivia, which are near to Espejillos.

On our trip to Bolivia with all the family, we also had planned visit Santa Cruz. A contract I was negotiating, was at risk, so left my family, rush to Santiago and return a week later.

Our friend Sergio told my wife that he would gladly take me to a waterfall at the Amboró  Park. I accepted immediately and prepared myself after the stressing week at Santiago. The road was narrow, and you needed to know your way in the park. There were no signs or indications of where you were, nor cellphone coverage. Finally, we got to our destination, although we were covered in repellent, the mosquitoes started their job.

We saw three waterfalls in a row, each more impressive than the other. Some tourist operators rappelled their customers on the side of the waterfall, we instead trekked down. This image is just a detail of the water before it falls into the open.

Using the digital age, I made a composite of two images. Achieving full focus on the foreground as well as the background. I like the surreal look that it has.

This image is similar to 1004-7-11 but gives the perspective of the height of the waterfall

I looked from a different angle and made this image from the upper part of the Parque Amboró waterfall

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