Valle las Catas Waterfalls

Valle las Catas Waterfalls

I always thought that camping and waterfalls I used to go “Valle las Catas” was part of 7 Tazas Park. However, I discovered that park starts from Río Claro north side, and to the south, is a private property.

Both have trails that go to same waterfalls, but from the opposite sides of the river. The state-owned camping works from Tuesday to Sunday. While the private property works all week, however the entrance/exit door opens at 10AM, we had trouble leaving a 9AM.

I like better Valle las Catas camping site. There is a small creek adjacent to a forest where you can camp, avoiding the summer hot sun. As it is first come first served, you have to be lucky to find a place. Only 5 sites have this privileged condition, the rest are all scattered under trees, not bad anyway. Once the summer holidays start from January 1st, you need to book in advance.

Additionally, to the 7 Tazas located at the far end, there are 2 pools where I took images. This occasion I did not take many images, but this particular one I liked its composition.

Salto de la Leona from Valle las Catas

At the end of Valle las Catas you see “Salto de la Leona” waterfall. The water has carved the rock in a straight line creating  both: a gorge and the waterfall.

In my first visit to the waterfall, a trail went to the bottom where you could take images looking up. The trail was in so bad conditions that we settled taking pictures at mid distance.

This time, the trail was closed, guess for security reasons. However, a platform over the abysm was built, giving perfect view of the waterfall, but not the composition I wanted.

Salto del Velo de la Novia

This waterfall is at the beginning of the park. There is only one point of view, as the rest is blocked by trees and fences to protect people falling to the abysm trying to take images of the waterfall.

Not sure if there is a trail going down to the bottom, as the terrain is vertical, checked a few trekking sites, but none had on this location.

I will have to return to Valle las Catas on a rainy day to photograph the waterfalls.

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