Espejillos yellow-brownish rocks

Espejillos yellow-brownish rocks

These are additional images of Espejillos yellow-brownish rocks related to my blog published on November 5th, 2018.

Due to Covid-19 and the lookdowns, I was not able to generate new material since February. Which has given me time to review my catalog and re-edit many images that I did not give a positive rating.

Rock music and a glass of Malbec helps very much to look with different eyes, also to refresh my memory. Recollection of thoughts came to my mind on the ordeal to get to the location.

The first was getting a guide to give us indications in which zone of the river Piraí we should cross. Helping a smaller jeep that was stuck on the mud, after which we almost also got stuck. Asking for directions, as we had no GPS and inexistent signs.

It was winter, so mosquitos were not that busy, however they managed to have party with our blood. Itching lasted a few weeks.

we got to the location, I was so impressed with the beauty of the place, small and big waterfalls, and many details. I went on my own, the children went hiking to the big waterfall on the very top.

Although I focused on the details, I made this image of the top waterfall, and included my brother to give the dimensions.

As it was clouding the light was perfect to take the images of Espejillos yellow-brownish rocks and is waters.

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