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During our trip through the North of #Spain, we had planned to visit the #Playa as Catedrais (the Cathedrals #beach), so we rented an apartment close by at #Peñarronda, where there is a beautiful beach, but I found a rockery at the side that was more impressive (image 1130-2).

The lady where we rented the apartment told us if wanted to visit the Playa as Catedrais, that we should check when was the #low tide, otherwise we would not be able to see them, as you had to walk through the beach, which was possible only during low tide.

 Internet indicated that we just missed the low tide, and we had to wait till the following afternoon, which we could not stay.

 I used #Black and White  and #color #film, was able only  and take images of the side of the cathedrals beach, which anyway I liked them.